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Spray conditioning without rinsing

Called dry conditioner, the product functions as a common conditioner that moisturizes and gives shine but without wetting the wires. The promise of the spray conditioner is to nourish, give shine and hydrated and malleable texture. The product provides an extra layer of hydration and can be a good alternative to keep the wires beautiful and healthy looking in the day to day run.

What is the difference of the common conditioner?
The dry conditioner formula brings nutrients that are important to hair. In addition to giving life, it decreases frizz, moisturizes dry tips, nourishes and gives luster, without leaving oily. The dry conditioner acts on the frosted appearance of drier wicks and ends and rehydrates without overcharging, other than shine sprays and repairing oils.

It should not be used as a leave-in, although it does have a complementary function to the use of the common conditioner, as it also has actives that promote the closure of the scales of the wires, forming a protective film that prevents dehydration, especially during exposure to the sun.

Therefore, it is good demand for summer because it promises UV protection and, like the traditional conditioner, has assets that seal the scales of the wires, avoiding dehydration especially during sun exposure. It is also good choice for those days of “bad hair day”, so the product has been called by several names besides dry conditioner: style revitalizing spray and dry texturizador.

Similar to repairing oils, the advantage of the dry conditioner is that it weighs less in the wires. Both the oil and the combing cream will leave, in some cases, the thickest hair. And often, it will look more oily than hydrated.

However, unlike dry shampoo, which is ideal for removing grease from the threads, the use of dry conditioner in dirty hair is completely inadvisable: the result may leave the wires looking even heavier.

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