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See easy ways to include protein at every meal of your day

Present in all cells and tissues of the human body responsible for forming the main structural elements, the proteins consist of essential amino acids and representing 75% of all solid matter in the body is central to the nervous system and defense functions.

In addition, proteins are important for the process of weight loss and definition of the body, as well as ensure satiety, causing you to eat less, lean body mass requires more energy expenditure, which shall burn more calories when at rest.

Aware of the importance of protein, just now know the best ways on how to take advantage of them at every meal of the day. Check out some suggestions that combine breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner:

Protein for breakfast

The most important meal of the day may have their dose of protein in portions of eggs, oats, yogurt, soy milk, low fat cheese, such as mining and cottage, for example, or a pate made of ricotta with shredded chicken .

Proteins for snack

Before lunch, toast with almond butter or peanut may already be the portion of protein you need not to overdo it with the meal.

Proteins for lunch

The meal may contain high protein foods like chicken, the very red meat, salad with quinoa and chia seeds and flax, the traditional beans and tofu portion.

Proteins for afternoon snack

To avoid exaggerations dinner, ensure satiety with a handful of nuts. Each unit has about 0.48 grams only protein. This means that nuts 10 have almost 5 grams of protein.

Proteins for dinner

The last meal of the day can ensure your dose of protein with fish, turkey meat, lentils, peas, a salad with beets, combined in different ways and different preparations.

Amount of protein per day

Mathematics to know how much protein should be consumed per day varies from person to person. For example, if you play sports regularly, should make up 20% of your daily calories come from protein. People very active as athletes, may have this value increased to up to 35%.

To get an idea of how much to consume proteins daily in a practical way, follow a simple rule: consume 0.8 gram of protein per kilogram of weight. A woman of 60 kg, for example, should eat about 48 grams of protein daily, which is equivalent to two fillets grilled chicken.

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