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How to make the baby sleep better

It’s shocking, but 25% of babies have difficulty sleeping. However, sleep is essential for the development of your body and your brain throughout childhood. According to experts in the babies sleep science, the importance of rituals at bedtime throughout the development of the child has clinically proven benefits.

Baby Sleep: The best time
Sleep is a mental process in which information stored in the memory is processed during the first months of life. It contributes to the central nervous system maturation, especially the brain, stimulating the mental, emotional, physical and cognitive baby. In this sense, it is essential for parents to regularize the sleep schedules and establish a children sleep routine. To do this, follow the steps below:

Tips for good sleep baby

Step 1: Take a warm bath
The sleep routine begins with the bath, and as the baby relax a while before going to sleep. Some studies have shown that babies who take a bath with soothing scents before bedtime cry 25% less than when using unscented soaps, for example.

Step 2: Gently massage
After bathing, do a gentle massage the baby will provide greater sense of well-being. To do it, you also use products with soothing and pleasant fragrances. This time is a perfect opportunity to share with your baby a relaxing time and also improve sleep patterns and mood, making you both calm down and can rest properly.

Step 3: Sing quiet songs
Create a peaceful environment before sleeping baby also helps to relax and rest to sleep. The quiet activities such as reading, singing or listening to slow music can help you develop your autorelaxar capacity.

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