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Your lipstick can leave your yellow smile

Based on the theory that certain shades of lipstick can change the look of white teeth, selected some of the most common colors and used to give warning: shades that are based on orange nuances, coral and citrus can provide an appearance of discolored teeth or yellowish.

Each lipstick color has an effect in mouth
Red: Always choose formulas that are based on Blue instead of varying more orange red. This is a matter of logic colors: blue and orange / yellow are facing each other on the color wheel. Thus, blue tones tend to cancel when juxtaposed orange or yellow tones, and vice versa. So lipsticks formulated with a blue base will help to offset any orange or yellow tones on your teeth.

Orange: With the theory in mind, while red-orange certainly have their moment in the fashion world, remember that the orange and yellow bases tend to bring these same tones in your smile. Citrus colors reflect the yellowish teeth.

Rose: Opt for fresh tones instead of next to coral shades or orange. Pink colors tend to be more complicated than red, since they lack the dark contrast that can actually make teeth shine. The same rule applies: be wary of yellow shades and seek softer, bullet color, or darker, like pink.

Nude: Lipsticks mouth color, and does not interfere with the teeth color, did not weigh in makeup. The tone provides visual classic and discreet, ranging from work to the ballad.

Brown: The earth tones, such as tile and ocher, do not compromise the color of teeth and therefore can be used without restrictions. The darker the tone, contrast more with the light color of the teeth will show. However, mainly in the picture, they can give a very pale to face.

Burgundy: The burgundy and grape colors are able to brighten the smile, making the teeth are slightly yellowed whiter. Wine is a universal wildcard color that looks good on any skin tone.

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