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La La Land: 5 Reasons to Watch

Reasons not to miss watching La La Land
You will cheer for the couple.
In a mix of dreams and reality, the story of Mia and Sebastian moves and enchants. She, a waitress who dreams of becoming a great actress. He, a pianist who longs to live the traditional and forgotten jazz. Both, moved by art and who, in search of success, cross and fall in love.

The unique performance of Emma and Gosling makes you put faith in the couple right at the beginning of the movie. The chemistry between the two is for singing, kissing or dancing is so engaging that it’s impossible not to twist so that they overcome all the obstacles and stick together – a feeling that will probably leave you speechless after the final scene.

You will identify yourself
The relationship between the couple brings up common real-life situations. It is possible to identify anxieties and difficulties experienced by many people who sometimes have to face losses and disappointments to achieve their dreams.

After all, what can they expect from Los Angeles these days? Sebastian loves Jazz, but music no longer fits much into the modern city and its cultural industry. Mia, dazzled by the Hollywood world, is testing after tests in the hope of getting a role as an actress. The couple’s dreams are almost puerile and activate in the viewer empathy and confidence to awaken desires already dormant.

No exaggerated singing
If your main complaint about musicals is that excess singing ends up making the movie confusing or even boring, you can rest easy. “La Land” surpassed and managed to innovate, balancing very well the script with songs and choreography.

They appear in the right moments, without exaggeration, and marry perfectly with the scenes, as when the characters declare themselves to one another or in one of Mia’s tests. The songs are interpreted by the actors themselves, who could present their other talents, besides the impeccable performance. Emma showed that she is well tuned in singing and Gosling surprised by the beautiful performance at the piano.

Recalls classic movies
With a touch of nostalgia and self-celebration to Hollywood, the musical uses some old films as a reference and recalls cinema classics during the script, such as “Casablanca”, 1942, “Symphony in Paris”, 1951, and “Youth Transvestite “From 1955, in a light and casual way, making the film even more attractive.

The colorful scenery and the retro costumes with saturated colors create a bridge between the classic and the contemporary, as well as fulfilling the role of bringing to the fore memories of films and musicals consecrated from the Golden Age of American Cinema, such as “Singing in the Rain “, Of 1952, and” The Umbrellas of Love “, of 1964.

Addictive soundtrack
The soundtrack to “La La Land” was not only made to stay stuck to the movie and after watching the musical, it will not be long until they are in the playlist of your phone. In one of the scenes, Gosling walks by a pier, looks at the horizon and sings something like this: “City of the stars, are you shining just for me?” Referring to Los Angeles.

Composed by Justin Hurwitz, winner of two categories in the Golden Globe, best soundtrack and best original music, the songs and choreographies are emphatic, emotional and complement the scenes very well.

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