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There is an important reason not to tear the child’s tooth with line

The teeth of children are falling at an earlier age. According to the dentist past seven years with the first small windows appear. “Already today, about five years, children have lost their first teeth,” he says. Therefore, the expert suggests that parents are aware of the oral health of young children and before the imminent fall of a milk tooth is recommended that children avoid lead to dirty hand to his mouth in an attempt to soften the tooth.

Why should not start the tooth?
In our mouth are present various bacteria that can compromise the site of the tooth is extracted when at home. The dentist is the best professional to guide and make the correct extraction. Preferably, it should occur when the tooth still has a third root or are apparent mol. This can also avoid any possible trauma to the child.

The dentist says that adults can remove a child’s tooth at home only when it is completely loose, to avoid a possible root fracture. It is preferable that the child itself to extract your tooth alone, without help line or dental floss just softening as well, and gradually dropping its root, until the milk tooth to fall in chewing some fruit or eat jerk own language.

Thus, it avoids trauma and the risk of contamination or root fracture. Alessandra also indicates the monitoring of the pediatric dentist, so you can check if there is enough room for the new dental arch. The sooner find out the orthodontic needs of the child, more efficient may be the treatment for achieving a perfect smile.


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