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How to choose melon

How to choose melon?
Lightly press the “navel” at the bottom of the melon (opposite the stem). If it give a little, it means that is the point. If the melon is very firm, may still be a little green. But if this shell can be pressed without much effort, the melon may be too mature.

If the stem is still attached to the fruit, avoid buying it because it will probably be green. Among the melon physical appearance characteristics, its bark needs to be firm, strong color and show no cracking, soft parts or insect perforations.


Custom smell the end of the stem. If there is no smell at all, or something like mold, avoid buying. When the fruit is ripe, it should smell just like melon: a slightly fruity aroma. Finally, shake the fruit and watch the seeds are released. This is another sign that the melon is ripe.

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