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Cold or heat? What each does at his face in some beauty tricks

Almost all the rituals of beauty and skin care performed daily are only possible with the use of water. And have you ever stopped to think that not all temperatures are always favorable to our health and more, only at certain temperatures some beauty procedures are possible? Meet some of these homemade tricks that only happen because of the heating or cooling of water.

Steam as an ally to remove blackheads
To facilitate the removal of cloves, first wash the face under hot water, preferably in the shower to steam to help open the pores.

Steam is the great ally of the facial skin time to clean and prepare it to receive the treatment creams and moisturizing. So if you want to remove comedones, soak a cotton with warm water and let stand for a while on the blackhead or pimple. Then finger tighten around the dots pressing down.

First step in face care routine is well clean the skin, with the products of your choice, removing makeup and all waste. This process should be done with the vaporizer turned in front of the face.

Then she turns off the spray, wait about 5 minutes and then put his face in a cold bowl of water. “It’s good to close the pores,” he says.

ice water against dark circles
Dip the face ice is to reduce the marks of dark circles and leave the most vivid skin. In fact, what is used is ice water.

“We need cool water with ice, but only to a point that it is cold as it would look if placed in the refrigerator. If it is almost about to freeze, at a very low temperature, can cause skin burns, “he explains. Ice is able to soften dark circles, pimples and also redness in the skin, but you must use it with care.

Ice to hide pimples
Ice causes contraction of blood vessels, which occurs when the skin comes into contact with cold temperatures. The vasoconstriction is largely responsible for reducing the circulation of blood, which causes that reduce dark circles and also redness, leaving more discrete bones, for example.

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