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Cellulite is not fat

What is the relationship between cellulite and fat?
Cellulitis is caused by a change in metabolism that causes the fibers that support the epidermis and the layer of fat to flow back into the skin, causing the undesired fissures. It is nothing more than an inflammation caused by the swelling of fat cells in the body. So it hurts because it is an inflammation.

The more intense, that is, the greater the degree of inflammation in the region, the worse the pain. The place is usually more painful when it is in a more advanced degree, when the cellulite is type 3 or 4.

When it is in its early stages, type 1, the condition is still not present, and the changes reach the microcirculation first. Until the body begins to react to the liquid that is trapped in the fat layer, thickening the fat supporting fibers. At that moment, the first signs of the wrinkled appearance begin to appear.

Cellulite type 3 is what makes the micronodules appear, when you feel the skin and already notice small grains. Already grade 4 – worse, indicates that there are very important changes in the fatty tissue and the skin. It is when there is the appearance of orange peel, with large holes without any compression of the skin.

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