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Best time to pass the anti-cellulite cream

The night treatment creams are one of the great secrets to having a lisinha skin. All because overnight, our skin lose more water than during the day. So if you keep it properly smeared it will absorb all the components you need. Furthermore, during sleep it is the skin regenerates and absorbs more nutrients than during the day. For the same reason, night treatments are many better and more effective than daytime occasions.

It also comes with anti-cellulite products?
Yes, the night is ideal for products reduction measures and cellulite, because there is this increased permeability of the skin, making it more receptive to treatment components. Generally, the formulation of cosmetic products that promise to reduce centimeters is mainly made up of assets such as caffeine, white clay or green algae extract, which combine drainage and regenerative effects.

When applying the product before bedtime causing the vertical movement to horizontal, there is an immediate increase in blood flow, which facilitates the draining of liquids, removing fat cells and promoting tissue oxygenation. Therefore, when applied properly, just before going to bed, these products have a beneficial effect.

When choosing the best product, opt for those that combine several functions: eliminate toxins, speed up the metabolism, drain, moisturize and nourish the skin, leaving it with a firm look.

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